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Hello, my name is Sridhar Viswanathan though I go by Bob. I am an assistant professor at the State University of New York at Buffalo. However, I will be moving to Burlington, Vermont in the Summer of 2010 and resuming my consulting work.

Eventually, this page could include a vita and perhaps copies of working papers. However, until someone tells me they want such things, it mostly functions as a placeholder for the domain name. You are better off e-mailing me to figure out what I am up to than trusting the information here. In the meantime, here is a link to my first paper, which I coauthored with two faculty members at Michigan State University.

Talluri, S., Narasimhan, R., and Viswanathan, S. (2007). Information Technologies for Procurement Decisions: A Decision Support System for Multi-Attribute E-Reverse Auctions. International Journal of Production Research 45: 11. pp. 2615-2628.

Recently I had a paper accepted into the Decision Sciences Journal. It will be in press sometime in 2010.

You can e-mail me at bob AtSymbol bobviswanathan Dot com

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